Meet Debi…

At the heart of it all, I'm an artist and educator fueled by an enduring love for the arts. Every brush stroke, every color mixed, and every student I guide mirrors this devotion. This passion led me to meld my love for painting and teaching into a harmonious venture: Dior Design and Decor.

What began as a simple hobby has evolved into a mission to ignite the spark of creativity in others. I cherish every moment I spend in my workshop studio, not just because it's a space where art comes alive, but because it's where dreams and aspirations find their canvas. Guiding both young minds and adults alike, I aim to help each individual harness their imagination, empowering them to craft, paint, and sculpt their unique masterpieces.

I consider myself immensely fortunate to be in this space, where I can watch as creativity unfurls and take pride in the knowledge that I had a small role to play in that magic. Join me on this artistic journey, and let’s create wonders together!

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